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A love letter to our Haberdashery Cabinet

'Dear Haberdashery Cabinet of dreams'

Honestly this cabinet covers all manner of sins! It has more drawers than Ive ever cared to count and it requires nearly no organisational skills to shove all those tiny bits of things that you collect over the years into the drawers. 

I will be honest with you though, we mostly built the studio to be able to house this giant piece of furniture. They originally came from Winston's Mum's studio and when we inherited them we soon realised we didn't have the space for them in our modest two bed terrace. Project studio was born and boy am I glad of it. On moving day we had to hurriedly ask our neighbour to help us move the carcass up our winding garden. It splits in two and with all the drawers removed it was still hard work for the three of us to get it up to its final home. 

My favourite thing about the cabinet is that it holds so many memories in it. For decades it was in a shop with glass window panes on the front - these have long since disappeared -  but the ridges of where they once sat remain. It holds all the memories of Winston's mum putting her own materials in it and now it has our memories of our son grabbing pretty much anything he could from its many drawers. 

It will hold all these past and so many future memories.