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Being inspired by Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

If you saw my stories the past few weeks or any of the awesome reels I made, you would know that I have been making some new prints based on great places around Birmingham. The first of this series was inspired by Birmingham Flower Market which has adapted and changed over the years as the bullring development has grown. 

Next I turned my attentions to great creative landmarks and the first was the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in the centre of town. I love this building and the area around it which has recently reopened after lockdown closures. I went on two inspiration trips before starting my new print work and decided to focus on the statues around as well as design icons from inside the fabric of the building. 

The result was this print which I am very pleased with! It seems you guys are also super chuffed with it in your homes and its always lovely to see photos of our products in their new environments!