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Drawing From My 1977 Flower Book

A few weeks ago we took a quick trip to our local National Trust house - Coughton Court - and I had a quick look in their second hand book shop section. We had our son with us and he was in a particularly disruptive mood so when I say quick, I genuinely mean a run and dash round situation. 

Whilst scanning the books I saw this little beauty shouting out at me. As soon as I saw the colour front and 70s font, I had a good feeling about it and a quick flick through confirmed my initial feelings. It was packed full of beautiful reference photographs that were dated with when they were taken and what kind of plants and flowers they found. 

I absolutely love flowers and I've been trying to learn more about them through gardening and drawing for the past few years. This book was my own personal treasure with so many amazing photographs to draw from and the fact they were dated made me feel even more privileged to be its new custodian some 45 years after publication. 

So far, I have only drawn a few finished paintings from the book, but its such a lovely artefact I know I will be using for years to come. Now just to find room for it with all the other vitally important reference art books we have accumulated over the last few years!