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Managing your creative time

Lets start this off by saying I feel like I am terrible at this. I have always struggled with organisation but I do have a busy life and somehow manage to squeeze all I can out of the time I have. I also want to make clear that I am not about the hustle life. That is not a sustainable or happy lifestyle and I would never want to encourage anyone into pushing themselves to burn out. Believe me, complete burnout is not a nice place to be and absolutely not worth the risk. 

Firstly I would recommend making sure you have throughout your week and allocated time for rest. This is the most important thing to schedule but the part that most of us tend to scrap at the first sign of a busy timetable. 

Once you have allocated when you will be working on your projects you need to figure out a way of clarifying what your aims are for that time and what you can realistically get done in that time. Im going to say it again, REALISTICALLY get done.

I have the worst tendency for writing out ridiculous to do lists that are impossible to complete. I find that writing out each goal on a post it note means I can order and rationalise all my goals to see what is achievable within the timeframe I have. And Winston will account, I have been known to write a do to list for a single child free day that includes both world domination and doing all the laundry in our house - two feats that require much more than one single day!

So my key tips for time management:

  • Write all your goals on post it notes so you can throw away guilt free the ones you just are not going to get to in that time
  • Order your goals in terms of importance and time sensitive
  • Break down your tasks into 20/40 minute activities. This is a big game changer for me. If it can  be done in that time then its too big a task. And if you are attempting something new that you allocate 40 minutes to but actually takes you 80, thats absolutely fine!
  • Use timers on your phone. Having specific time and a tiny beeper to go off is really helpful for me if I find myself distracted by dreaded instagram scrolling.
  • Have an accountability figure. This sounds a bit weird, but I have a professional business coach who I do not speak to every day or even every month, but who forms the rational voice in my head. So if I am researching a new project and their voice comes in advising that I really don't need to be looking at this complete tangent on the internet then stop!

I am by no means a perfect example, but I hope these tips help you with your own time management and answers on a post it note if you know how to finally tackle the never ending laundry pile.