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Oh Hi There!


We (Millie and Winston) are so glad you found us! We are a small but mighty company that at its core, wants to bring together the artists (of all kinds) together in this world and help Folk Like These create every day. 

Today, I (Millie) thought I would tell you a little bit about our goals for our business and what keeps us presciently showing up.

We are massive fans of looking inwards and really working on our insides. It can sometimes feel uncomfortable, emotional and difficult but is oh so necessary if, like us, you feel things a little more intensely than others. Don't worry - this is what makes us creatives, but I truly believe introspection is what keeps us healthy in mind and soul. 

So, what are our business Values?

Well, they are pretty similar to our personal goals - something that I think has to be the case for any longevity - but putting them into words was a bit difficult in all honesty. Heres what we came up with:

Mindful making - making, crafting, collecting for your own pleasure and interest

Creative discovery - learning about crafts, techniques, artists and other creatives

Thoughtful Living - Being conscientious about how we consume, how we live and how we care for ourselves and others

Playful - Allowing pure fun in the present without expectation releasing our inner child

Community - to have people to share all of this wonderfulness with and to learn in turn from

So with these in mind, we try to make sure that every decision we make for our business is backed by these core goals. What are your core goals? I'd really recommend putting them to paper and sitting with them for a while - you can always adapt or change them because they are for no one else but you!