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What To Pack For Wild Drawing

Over the past few years I have really enjoyed going out on mini adventures to draw in the wild. It sounds more complicated than it is - an inner city park counts as an adventure in my eyes so theres really no need for heavy duty anoraks or hiking boots.

What is needed though is some decent equipment. Depending on your style and preferred mediums, this will differ from person to person but there are a few tips and tricks I can recommend:

  1. A proper sketchbook. Blank sheets of paper are a pain and can fly away - plus you'll need a very cumbersome clip board to keep the paper in place. A sketchbook solves all of these issues and there are so many wonderful ones on the market. 
  2. A good bag. Sorry to sound like your Dad, but a proper bag is really useful for keeping all of your things in place and minimising the risk of spilling inks and paints
  3. A secure pencil case. Again, this will need to be dependent on what you want to draw/paint with, but it needs to be shake proof. Check and double check this!
  4. A bottle of water. This needs to be separate from your actual drink so you don’t accidentally drink it yourself.
  5. Water-filled paintbrush. This is great for quick use although I think they can make your colours a little muddy but no need for a separate water bottle with one of these!
  6. Sharpener/craft knife. Nothing worse than getting all set up, drawing one line and the lead breaking! 
  7. Editing. Now I know this isn’t a thing to pack but you will not need everything you own. It’s probably a better idea to think about where you are going and specific marks/techniques you want to try out.